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In many cases a well-developed blog is the most important aspect of a social media marketing effort. The hub of a brand’s social media presence should be their blog since it provides conversational social media content, as well as plenty of opportunities to integrate other social channels.

 –Dan Zarella, author of The Social Media Marketing Book

If you have searched for information on Google or any other search engine, odds are you have found yourself on a blog and may not have even realized it. Blogs exist on just about every topic you can imagine and many of them provide valuable information, education, and resources to their respective readers and subscribers.

Blogs are the great equalizer of the internet! Whether you are a seasoned financial advisor or just starting out, you have an opportunity to significantly enhance your credibility, expand your reach, land new prospects and referrals, and build a community within your niche markets.

Where does a blog fit in the context of a website?

At WIRED ADVISOR™, we believe the best way to position your blog is either on a subdomain of your primary website (i.e. or as a separate url from your primary website. If you build a brand new website and don’t already have a blog, you can easily integrate the blog into your main website as well.

Ultimately the way you structure your blog will depend on your goals.

Regardless of which domain you put your blog on, it is critical to emphasize education, thought leadership (your insights), information, and resources over selling and promoting your services.

If you update your blog consistently, it will become your primary online traffic generation tool. You should consider your blog as the gateway between your social media presence and your primary website.

Blogging technology makes it easy to distribute your content across the social web and remain visible and valuable with your target markets with the single act of publishing your content. Publish once and your content can automatically be distributed to search engines, social media sites, mobile devices, and an email newsletter. This content marketing “system” can effectively automate much of your foundational influence-building activity online.

Blogging and Social Media FAQs for Financial Advisors

How can blogging help me win new clients?

Your social media blog site will allow you to showcase who you are, who you serve, and how you serve them. People in your target markets and geographical location will get to know, like, and trust you as you consistently publish valuable updates and insights. Blog publishing will position you as an authority on social media sites and position you for introductions and referrals. It is key to building a powerful social media foundation and sustainable social networking strategy.

Why aren’t more financial advisors self-publishing on social media sites through blogging?

Many financial advisors have not begun to embrace blogging and social media. As more firms implement compliance policies and archiving solutions, we anticipate thousands of financial advisors will be blogging and participating on social media sites. If you want to grow your practice in the age of social media you must create, publish, and share content that will resonate with your target markets. Consistently publishing relevant and valuable content will help you build authority and grow your trusted network of clients, prospects, advocates, and centers of influence!

How will clients, prospects, and connections find me?

Do you realize that most online and email content is being consumed from mobile devices? This means that clients, prospects and connections can easily access and receive your insights from any device! Your blog posts will also be automatically delivered via email to your subscriber base and accessible through an RSS feed (for more technical subscribers). Your blog will can be easily accessed by anyone, anywhere, on any device!

Is self-publishing through blogging to social media sites compliance friendly?

YES! In many ways, a blog is very similar to a website with regard to necessary compliance pre-approval for the content you post and publish. At the same time, blog technology is very different from a website in that your blog can be easily updated frequently with multiple media formats and provide a more personalized communications approach within your target markets. Blogs are built for relationship development rather than product and services marketing.

Do I need a social media blog site if I already have a website?

YES! A blog can be integrated with your website but is much more effective in developing and strengthening relationships as a stand-alone “digital” asset developed around YOU, not the products and services that you offer. Blog technology makes it easy to push out your thought leadership to social networks and even deliver your posts through email. In addition, because blogs are updated frequently with new posts, they are much more favored by Google than websites. Think of your blog as the gateway between your website and your social media presence on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

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