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We help financial advisors build digital influence and digital equity for business success in a wired world

Digital Influence:  It’s what you achieve when you become the recognizable, trusted, go-to expert online.

Digital influence doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does, it’s an unstoppable force for growing your business and your digital equity in a wired world.

-Stephanie Sammons, Wired Advisor Founder

Building digital influence and equity, by default, breeds business success in the digital age.

Partnering with Wired Advisor

Have you successfully evolved your marketing to meet the expectations and experiences of your clients and prospects in today’s wired world? We can help you.

Our program isn’t a “done for you” marketing program that pushes out canned financial content into the world.

It’s a digital influence program that provides you with a strategy for leveraging your own unique insights, a structure for getting your insights in front of clients and prospects where they spend time today, and a system for winning “top of mind” preference in social networks, search engines, email inboxes, and mobile devices.

When you partner with Wired Advisor, you receive strategic guidance, “best in class” digital tools, and ongoing coaching and support. You will learn a powerful process for how to better serve your existing clients and strategically attract new clients on the social web through building digital influence and equity.

Our CEO and Founder, Stephanie Sammons, was named by LinkedIn as a “Top 25 Social Media Expert You Must Know”. She’s also been named a “Top 10 Financial Industry Blogger” by RIABiz. Stephanie is a former 15-year financial advisor, industry executive, and continues to hold the CFP® designation.

The Wired Advisor Platform™

The Wired Advisor Platform™ encompasses a hand-selected portfolio of best in class, open-source digital tools that are seamlessly integrated to help you strategically build your digital influence and equity.

It’s a marketing automation solution designed to maximize your impact and minimize your time. Simply put, our platform makes your digital marketing efforts more linear and measurable.

The Wired Advisor Platform™ gives you the ability to publish your unique insights to a professional blog, build a targeted social media following, cultivate leads for your practice, garner media attention, and track the progress of your overall digital marketing performance.

The Wired Advisor Modern Marketing Strategy™

Financial advisors must build digital influence differently than other professionals. You can’t display public recommendations and testimonials, for example. You must also operate within a regulated environment.

These restrictions don’t prevent your from building your digital influence! You still must take control of your online reputation and provide leadership to your existing and prospective clients.

The industry has also relied on canned financial content solutions for way too long. Investors are smart. These content solutions are outdated and they don’t help you build trusted relationships.

We take a completely different approach when it comes to helping you succeed online. It’s an approach that highlights your unique story, your perspective, your style, your market, and your practice.

You will learn a proven, strategic process for differentiating yourself as the credible, approachable, trusted advisor online.

By partnering with us to expand your online presence as a digital influencer, you will serve existing clients more effectively and lead prospective clients to know, like, and trust you before they ever meet you.

Coaching, Training, and Support

We don’t just build your platform and leave you to go it alone. You will be provided with coaching, training, and support along the way.

Your platform will also be professionally hosted, managed, and consistently updated with cutting edge features for growing your digital influence and equity.

As a Wired Advisor Insider, you will also gain exclusive access to our Insider Coaching Program and get trusted guidance on what strategies, tactics, and tools are working today in financial advisor digital marketing.

The Wired Advisor Alliance™

Financial advisors who utilize the Wired Advisor Platform™ are recognized across the social web for their professionalism, integrity, and authentic content contributions.

The financial media, editors, and journalists are paying attention to who the real influencers are within the industry. These are the financial advisors who are producing real content online that helps, guides, and educates investors.

The Wired Advisor digital brand is recognized as the industry leader for partnering with financial advisors who share their unique perspectives, insights, and opinions on today’s financial opportunities and challenges through blogging and social media.

Many of the advisors on our platform are quoted in the national or local media and invited to contribute their insights to highly respected online financial media outlets for greater reach.

The Wired Advisor Alliance™ program is designed to help professional financial advisor bloggers achieve greater online visibility and recognition for their authentic thought leadership content.

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