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Build Digital Influence to Win and Keep Clients in a Wired World

We help entrepreneurs and professionals leverage their unique personal influence advantage™ to win and keep clients in a wired world.

Anyone can be a digital marketer today. We all have access to the tools – websites, blogs, content creation tools, social media, and email. But building personal digital influence is very different from overt marketing and selling.

The influence is all of the marketing and most of the selling.

Personal digital influence is the uncanny ability to attract, lead, and inspire your existing and ideal clients to take action in the digital age.

What separates successful digital financial professionals from those who flounder is personal digital influence. These professionals create a digital relationship experience with their clients and prospects.

Financial professionals and firms who understand and harness the power of personal digital influence are consistently in the position of winning clients and referrals, not marketing and selling.

Building your personal digital influence is the secret to creating leverage and scale for your business in today’s wired world.

The Wired Advisor Method

I’m Stephanie Sammons, the chief strategist here at Wired Advisor.

I’ve developed The Wired Advisor Method from 15 years of  “in the trenches” experience as a 15-year financial advisor combined with my extensive digital marketing, social media, and strategy work in the industry over the past five years.

The Wired Advisor Method™ is my proprietary process for helping financial professionals and firms identify their unique personal influence advantage™ and master the art of building personal digital influence to win and keep clients in the digital age.

The Wired Advisor Team

My role as chief strategist at Wired Advisor is to consult with and coach our clients on developing their unique personal digital influence strategy and digital platform architecture based on the Wired Advisor Method™.

My team consists of an amazing digital creative specialist and professional project manager, both of whom have been with me for the last few years. Together, we have worked with over 100 financial professionals and firms to help them successfully go digital and grow their personal digital influence.

I’ve also consulted or partnered with financial institutions, companies that serve financial professionals, financial media publishers, and financial start-ups on influence-building through digital strategy, social media, and content development.

There are 3 pre-requisites for working with us:

#1)You must have the desire to grow your personal digital influence (YOU are the differentiator – you and your people need to come out from behind the brand)

#2)You must believe that building an influential digital, social, and mobile presence is critical to growing your business (we’re not here to convince you that you need to be influential – we’re here to teach you how to leverage your advantage)

#3)You must be willing to do the work of building your digital influence (if you’re going to be influential, you need to be personally involved in the strategy)

If you’re looking for marketing gimmicks, silver bullets, and other short-term tactics for growing your digital presence, we are not the right fit for you. We work with financial professionals and firms who want to build lasting digital equity.

Who We Help:

We work with financial advisors and planners, financial industry professionals (coaches, consultants, sales representatives), financial industry executives and entrepreneurs, CPAs, B2B financial firms serving financial advisors, vendors serving financial advisors, financial media publishers, and non-financial business professionals (Attorneys, Consultants, Entrepreneurs).

Examples of projects we can help you with:

  • Digital strategy consulting and coaching
  • Personal digital influence positioning and messaging strategy
  • Digital content strategy
  • Social media presence and social networking strategy
  • Website/blog design, development, and optimization (via WordPress)
  • Lead development strategy and management (value offers, landing pages, email nurturing)
  • Podcast strategy, set-up, and launch
  • B2B digital, social media, and content strategy consulting
  • B2B strategic content development for lead-generation, education, or recruiting (co-branded or ghost-written)
  • B2B influence marketing partnerships (your message, our influence)

Engagements may be short-term or ongoing, depending on your project needs and our available capacity.

If you’re interested in working with us on your project, please complete the form below:

  • Our minimum 1-on-1 project fee is $5000.
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